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Turban scarf tying guides for hair loss - parts 2 & 3

Monday, 22 October 2018 12:48:04 Europe/London

Here are follow up parts 2 & 3 of our stylish headscarf guide to tying beautiful turbans to disguise hair loss and create great fashion looks. The very lovely Silvia Amorosino over on Instagram takes us through 2 more elegant tying styles that will transform your thinking about turbans. (@silvia_amorosino)  Take a look at her colourful feed to see how she changes her look depending on her day and experiments with different prints.  Accessories are another important element from the right lipstick shade to drop tassle earrings to accentuate colour.

In the videos seen here Silvia is wearing a long silk tying scarf (dimensions of 110 x 180 cms or 43" x 71").  It is important to consider the size of your scarf with regard to the tying effect you want to achieve.  The bigger the scarf the more volume you will create when tying around your head. Most women wish to recreate volume - width and height - to disguise defined head shape.

However be aware of the scarf fabric you select - the more fabric wound around your head will mean the warmer it is to wear.  Not so bad at this time of year Autumn / Fall the temperatures are cooling but don't forget about central heating and wearing your hair loss turban indoors.

A 'paper' silk scarf of a lighter weight, (the heavier rolled edge silk scarves are often too slippy to wear), will tie up with good volume and not make your head overly hot.  Cotton and open weave viscose scarves also tie up well.  The minimum scarf width we'd suggest to comfortably cover your head (front to back) is 50 cms (19.5"), the length can be as long as you'd like it.  The more fabric the more secure you'll be able to tie it, so don't be overwhelmed by a bigger scarf, it will mean you can tie it once and forget about it.

Here are some of our current head scarf favourites from the collection

woman wearing floral silk chemo scarf  woman wearing floral chemo scarfwoman wearing colourful chemo scarf 

                           Silk                                                                             Viscose                                                         Cotton

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Do I have to pay VAT?

If you are experiencing hair loss you may not have to pay the VAT on some of our products. Headwear we have designed and manufactured specifically for hair loss wear is exempted. ‘Standard’ items of headwear such as scarves, brooches, some winter/summer hats by other designers, skincare are not eligible. They have not been ‘adapted’ for special wear. The ‘status’ of items will be displayed in your basket, before ordering, once a short health declaration is completed.

During checkout you will be asked to confirm that you will be using our products for your own personal medical purposes.

It is a legal requirement stipulated by HRMC that Suburban Turban Ltd can justify our customers’ VAT exemption status. Please be aware that these details maybe verified at a later date.