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Top beauty tips during chemotherapy from Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisors

Friday, 27 March 2015 14:40:00 Europe/London

No 7 Match Made Moisture Drench review

We had a great response to our recent blog post about the fabulous Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisors who are on hand to help with the special beauty challenges women face during chemotherapy treatment, covering all aspects of make-up, skincare and more.

Our founder, Nicky, wrote about her experience meeting with a No 7 Macmillan Beauty Advisor in-store, and in this post she shares the top beauty tips she picked up - along with some key No 7 product recommendations - during her visit.

How to cope with dry skin during chemotherapy

Many women notice their skin becomes drier and more sensitive and the good news is many of No 7 products are hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. They have a skincare range that might be of particular interest for when skin is extra thirsty: the Soft and Soothed range contains a cleanser, toner, day fluid, day cream, and the No 7 Essential Moisturiser Night Cream (£9.95).  Well worth a try if your regular brands can no longer keep on top of things.  No 7 Essential Moisturiser Night Cream  review 

How make-up can help during chemotherapy

With skin nourished and pampered we moved onto make-up. No.7 have a fabulous tech gadget called Match Made: the device reads your skin colour precisely and matches it to one of their skin true shades of foundation. So if you’re new to make-up and unsure about the whole foundation ‘thing’ – no worries, you won’t be ‘Tango’ed’ (!) but can relax and enjoy No.7’s truly extensive range of foundations to suit all tastes. The light tinted moisturiser  and No 7 Essentially Natural Foundation (£9.95), providing light coverage, comes in 12 shades and would be of interest to ladies not use to wearing make-up, but wanting some extra colour to combat treatment fatigue and paleness. No 7 Essentially Natural  Light Coverage Foundation review

How to hide skin flushing with colour

If you’re experiencing a different sort of issue with flushing and too much colour, No 7 have the perfect product to calm things down, the aptly-named No 7 Colour Calming Primer (£10.50). No 7 Colour Calming Primer review

Yes, it is bright, Shrek green but it does exactly what it says: high colour vanishes and it works as a light ‘primer’ base, so any foundation glides on beautifully too. There were many other handy products as well, including a great concealer pen for dark circles under eyes - handy if your sleep is being disrupted by treatment.

Eyebrow stencils to disguise eyebrow hair loss

A useful set of soft gel eyebrow stencils from Eylure Taking Shape Brow Stencils (£4.95) will help women shape and fill-in patchy or disappearing eyebrows.

Eylure Taking Shape Brow Stencils  review

These felt slightly tacky and contoured well to the face, so they should be easy to hold in place and work with. The lovely ladies at No 7 will create one eyebrow for you and then advise and let you practise, so that you can be ‘application confident’ before you leave. (However if ‘chemo brain’ kicks in and tips are forgotten, try this fabulous EyelineHer eyebrow tutorial!

Eye make-up tips during chemotherapy

No 7 also has a muted range of smoky powder eyeshadow colours – grey, black, browns – to create the base eyebrow shape and eyebrow pencils (blonde, brown, black), to softly build realistic brows. No 7 No 7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eye Pencil  review  

Testing the No 7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eye Pencil (£7.50)  pencil, it felt soft and easy to apply, and yet could be sharpened to a reasonable point. Any ladies with ‘Dennis Healy’ anxieties can rest assured this product comes with a soft sponge ‘smudger’ to safeguard against anything too harsh happening!  It’s also worth popping along to use the service if you’re coming out the other side of treatment and eyelashes and brows are returning.  Unruly new eyebrow hair can sprout in all directions, with  the No 7 Lash & Brow Perfector (£8.50),  a clear mascara, they can be tamed in an orderly direction.   A clear light liquid that dries matte it can also be used to ‘fix’ eyebrow make-up (a separate brush applicator would be easier to use than the wand).

No 7 Lash and  Brow Perfector review

Eyes can be a particularly sensitive area during treatment, so to be super aware of any possible cross infection and treat yourself to a new mascara. No 7 have Mascara Extreme Length Sensitive (£10) which is hypo-allergenic and comes with a thinner wand. This makes things easier when you are trying to coax a few lashes into looking plumper and fuller, than perhaps they appear.

Top lipstick tips

Lippy is a key product for most women. If there is little time for anything else in your day, a lippy in the handbag can be applied on the move. However, it has to be said I’ve always found it something of a mystery selecting the right one for me. No 7 have got it covered: once your Match Made’ skin tone has been found, they have handy cards of lippy colours you can take away with you. Each card outlines a range of colours that will beautifully compliment your skin tone. If dryness is an issue, the No 7 Match Made Moisture Drench (£9.95) felt lovely and is available in beautiful colours (all hypo-allergenic and fragrance free).

No 7 Match Made Moisture Drench  review

The No 7 Macmillan Beauty Advisor I met with, Alannah, was most welcoming and stressed there was no obligation to buy and all ladies were assured of a warm welcome. The emphasis was on advice and coping with the visible side effects of treatment. Private consultation rooms are available in some stores, if that’s your preference, ring ahead and check out your local store. Individual stores may run ‘after hours’ events, too.

Talk to your Boots Macmillan cancer information pharmacist

Another note: during my visit, I also visited the pharmacy counter and found the Macmillan cancer information pharmacist. She was sensitive and knowledgeable about key issues and some of the possible side effects associated with treatment. Patients are welcome to drop in and talk through a range of issues, acquire more information about prescriptions, understand more about pain relief. There are also useful products that might just make life a little easier, whilst going through treatment – sensible advice for mouth ulcers from soft tooth brushes, cleaning your teeth after meals to alcohol free mouth washes. Much of it you may have heard from your chemo nurse or GP, but it's always useful to have someone in-store who knows where you’re coming from and can advise on a wide range of suitable products for chemo patients. Check it out on the Boots website, too. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions expressed are those of Suburban Turban. Boots kindly made a donation to the Macmillan charity following the previous post published at the Suburban Turban blog about the Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisor service. 

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