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My Suburban Turban Style: launching a new series, and introducing Angie!

Monday, 29 September 2014 15:04:00 Europe/London

Angie on her son's wedding day

Nothing inspires us more at Suburban Turban than the wonderful feedback and kind comments that let us know the difference that our headwear makes in helping women rock their style and feel their confident, beautiful best - and, most importantly, still feel like themselves - whilst experiencing hair loss.

When we see pictures posted shared on Facebook or Twitter by those who choose to share their Suburban Turban style, they make our day - and we love sharing them! We're inspired by their stories, and know that others are, too, and encouraged. So we're introducing a new feature here at the blog: My Suburban Turban Style, where we'll share the photos of those who have worn our styles and are happy to share their photos and personal stories and journeys with us all. What better way to launch the series than with these beautiful photos of Angie (above), a British-born and now New Zealand-based mother of the groom, wearing our Ava turban for the big day?

Angie at her son's wedding day with husband

'My chemo for ovarian cancer started in June, every 3 weeks for 6 treatments, so my last treatment was only a few weeks before our son’s wedding on Nov 30th 2013,' explains Angie. 'It was effortless choosing the Ava turban, it looked so classy on your website. In fact, I chose the turban before I even had an inkling of what I was wearing, that was how confident I was of Ava’s quality and comfort. 'Luckily I had a dressmaker to make my outfit and once she had seen the Ava turban, she knew exactly what to design for me to wear. The rest is history. Compliments on the day were plentiful, I felt a million dollars. I live in Napier, which is the Art Deco capital of New Zealand,  many people commented on how very well I fitted into the Art Deco scene wearing my Ava!


Angie proud mother of the groom


'I had coffee this morning, with a friend who was at the wedding and we both commented on how easy it was for me to get ready on the day of the wedding just slipping the most comfortable, easy wearing turban on without having to fuss about a hairstyle. I was a very lucky Mother of the Groom. Thank you so very much for all you do Suburban Turban, you helped bring joy to a very special day in my life'.

Angie with her son the bridegroom!

We're speechless - and can't thank Angie enough for sharing her gorgeous photos of such a special day! Would you love to share any photos of your My Suburban Turban Style moment? Do drop us an email, or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter! Photo credit: Photographs taken at The Mission Estate by Eva Bradley, Hawkes Bay wedding photographer. More info on the Ava turban Angie wore on the day, and to order, here!

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