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Model for a day!

Friday, 12 September 2008 12:39:00 Europe/London

Liz G talked to Nicky Zip about getting infront of the camera.

What do you do?
I’m an Aerospace Engineer, but right now I’m mum to my 2 young boys, with another baby on the way!

How long have you had hair loss? 
I first had bald patches when I was 12 years old (25 years ago – eek !). My mum knew what it was straight away, as she has had patches her whole life too. I lost all my hair at the age of 22 but it grew back fully a couple of years later. I lost it all again after the birth of my first son 5 years ago and have been completely bald (alopecia universalis) ever since.

Would you describe yourself as a ‘hat’ or ‘wig’ person?
I’m definitely a hat person. Actually, when the weather permits, I prefer to go bald – I feel best about myself that way. But since it’s usually either too cold or raining in this country(!) I opt for hats and scarves, which come a close second.

What made you respond to the model request?
Well, let’s see; after a typical day of play dough and UN negotiations between my sons, I was surfing the net and half-looking for a new hat when I spotted the ad. Before I really had time to think about it, I shot off a quick e-mail but never really thought anything would come of it. I think my thought process was ‘day out of the house, no kids, some girly pampering, I could do that!’

What crossed your mind when the day finally arrived? 
What have I done?? I am not a 'girly' girl and it finally hit me that I was going to have my photo taken all day. I had a brief attempt at doing my own make-up before setting off but ended up with liquid eye-liner in my eye and foundation on my top. The only comment I got before leaving the house was, ‘What’s wrong with your eye mummy?’

What did your friends say? 
They were all really excited and supportive actually. A few of them spent the next fortnight calling me Kate (Moss) instead of Liz, which caused some confusion at the school gates for those who didn’t know….

Did you have a favourite hat on the day?
Yes, it was definitely ‘Lana’. I bought one and wear it all the time. I also loved ‘Sasha’ for really sunny days.

Sue, our make-up lady likened you to Gwyneth Paltrow, has anyone ever told you this before? 
No never, I was really surprised (and flattered, thanks Sue!). It sounded odd to me, because Gwyneth is blonde and I know I’m a brunette. When I had hair people used to say I looked like Demi Moore sometimes (on a very good day!)

Was it hard handling all the attention for a day? (Make-up stylist, photographer, dresser, ‘big mouth’ shoot director etc.)
You know what, it wasn’t actually. I think it’s because it was only one day, and because usually I get so LITTLE attention, as every mum knows! I just decided to let myself enjoy it for a change…

You looked incredibly serene throughout the day, but did you feel nervous?
A little yes, but mostly I was just determined to enjoy the experience and the change of scene!

What made you laugh/cry? 
Well, I enjoyed hearing about Sue (make-up stylists) forthcoming trip to Vegas to see Barry Mannilow. I don’t think I have ever met a real live Barry Mannilow fan before!

Have you had any (nice!) comments since, when wearing our hats?
Yes, loads. It makes me realise I was stuck in a rut before, wearing the same scarves and hats all the time. People always comment on how nicely they fit too. It makes such a difference that they are specially designed for women with hair loss.

Would you do it again?
Yes, definitely, just tell me when!

Lovely to 'talk' to you again and thanks for making it so easy and becoming 'the face' of Suburban Turban.  Until next time......

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