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BIG news! Launching the Chemo Style Clinic

Wednesday, 13 May 2015 14:32:00 Europe/London

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We are SO excited to be introducing a new series, starting today: the Chemo Style Clinic!

Our founder, London-trained milliner for the 'Season' Nicky Zip (above), has made it her mission to make it possible for women to feel their stylish, confident best whilst experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia or other reasons.

Starting today, here at the Suburban Turban Blog regularly and on social media, too, Nicky is offering her years of experience and expertise to help ALL women faced with the challenge of hair loss by giving advice and suggestions. As well as offering a much-loved range of stunning headwear and scarves "off the peg", everything about the Suburban Turban customer experience is personal and caring - and that's the way Nicky likes it! She believes passionately in offering a truly bespoke service, and this often means answering individual and coming up with bespoke style solutions, using her many years "on the job" as a finger-on-the-fashion pulse industry expert (as she still is - something which shines through her trend-aware but wonderfully wearable designs).

Suburban Turban styles are fashionable yet classic, ever-stylish yet versatile (they've got to be practical, after all!). Nicky is renowned for coming up with looks that will take you happily from lunch with friends to after-dark drinks (she does a gorgeous chemo sleep hat, too!). And Nicky creates 'event' wear beautifully, too: see the beautiful Suburban Turban wedding range here, which is designed not just for brides but for mothers-of-the-bride (or groom!), bridesmaids, and so many more.

Says Nicky about launching the Chemo Style Clinic: ‘This has come about as a result of the many emails and phone calls we receive - "the weekly postbag" - with questions from ladies trying to solve a particular hair loss issue. 'Maybe it’s a special event that they want to take part in but feel limited because of their hair loss.  Or a very specific need – headwear that blocks all UV light.  As a milliner, all are really interesting challenges to work around and resolve. 'And so many women feel unsure of themselves in a hat for the ‘big events’ of life – weddings, social events, investitures, but what about the everyday? Hair loss can be the very visible part of illness and women need to feel they can cope with the school gate pick-up, returning to the office and holding it together for family and friends. 'Understandably, women want to blend in and not draw attention. We are trying to design hat styles that enable them to get on with life. With the  Chemo Style Clinic, hopefully we can offer some insight into the bespoke side of what we do. As one Alopecia client flying in from Hong Kong asked "Can I come and visit? I’m intrigued by your wide headbands – do they really work?!’"  Of course she can, and absolutely they do!'

Watch this space for the latest dilemmas answered by Nicky personally. Ask any question relating to hair loss and headwear style by leaving a comment below, emailing us directly or via our Twitter or Facebook pages, quoting the hashtag #ChemoStyleClinic. We will post answers and links to the latest Chemo Style Clinic blog posts on our social media pages, too! PS: of course, Nicky welcomes questions from all over the globe: Suburban Turban ships worldwide, and was thrilled to be recently featured as Featured Seller Of The Week in Australia at Zibbet!

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Do I have to pay VAT?

If you are experiencing hair loss you may not have to pay the VAT on some of our products. Headwear we have designed and manufactured specifically for hair loss wear is exempted. ‘Standard’ items of headwear such as scarves, brooches, some winter/summer hats by other designers, skincare are not eligible. They have not been ‘adapted’ for special wear. The ‘status’ of items will be displayed in your basket, before ordering, once a short health declaration is completed.

During checkout you will be asked to confirm that you will be using our products for your own personal medical purposes.

It is a legal requirement stipulated by HRMC that Suburban Turban Ltd can justify our customers’ VAT exemption status. Please be aware that these details maybe verified at a later date.