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How to solve a problem like headgear for the Palace ...

Thursday, 3 September 2015 14:14:00 Europe/London

young couple standing in front of Buckingham Palace receiving medal

We are SO thrilled to welcome the inspirational Kate Granger MBE (!!) to guest blog for us, following our post earlier this summer about how Nicky helped her look the part (and HOW!!) for her big day at Buckingham Palace! Here's the story, in Kate's own words ...

Receiving my special letter from the Palace announcing that I was to receive an MBE in the New Year's Honours list was an incredibly proud moment. However at that point I was facing further chemotherapy and its associated hair loss. One of my first thoughts was "what will I do for headgear?" These days when I face a problem, dilemma or just need some advice I usually head to my Twitter family. I was so happy that Nicky responded to my tweet offering her assistance.

I knew about Suburban Turban as I had bought some of their lovely pieces previously. Nicky helped me to come up with a solution that made me feel comfortable and confident. We toyed with the idea of a pretty jersey turban, perhaps with a broach. But it was my best friend that said I'd never be going to the Palace again and I should go the whole hog with feathers and the like ... I've always thought in order to wear a big hat successfully you need hair. Immediately Nicky suggested their 'Keep it Under Your Hat' turban as a possible answer. She was so kind to donate the under hat, which was extremely generous. I then sourced the 'hatinator' from the Internet and spruced it up with some light blue feathers to match the pretty flower details on my dress.

The big day arrived. I felt so nervous when Chris and my parents had to go to the ballroom where the guests were to be seated and I found myself wandering up a staircase in Buckingham Palace all by myself. At the top of the stairs I was greeted by a member of Palace staff who exclaimed loudly "Oh my goodness, don't you look a picture!!" All the ladies who were to receive MBEs lined up ready to receive our Honours and it really did look like Ladies Day at Ascot. I didn't feel out of place though. In fact I felt pretty and special. And much of that was down to Nicky and the amazing Suburban Turban team.

Our ENORMOUS thanks to Kate for sharing her wonderful post with us and all the readers of the Suburban Turban Blog! Nicky and the team feel truly honoured to have played a small part in helping Kate prepare for the day, and we think she looked STUNNING! And we are in awe of all she has done and continues to do. For more about Kate, her story and her extraordinary work and fundraising, visit her website and blog. Thanks so much, again, Kate, you're truly an inspiration! 

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