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Turban scarf tying guides for hair loss - parts 2 & 3

Monday, 22 October 2018 12:48:04 Europe/London

Here are follow up parts 2 & 3 of our stylish headscarf guide to tying beautiful turbans to disguise hair loss and create great fashion looks. The very lovely Silvia Amorosino over on Instagram takes ...

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Beautiful hair loss scarf tie guides - launch today!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 13:09:02 Europe/London

Today we launch the first part of our 3 part hair loss scarf tying guides with the very talented Silvia Amorosino. We first met Silvia over on Instagram @silvia_amorosino and loved her vibrant and col...

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Coping with Hair Loss During Cancer Treatment

Wednesday, 19 April 2017 13:50:54 Europe/London

Blue cotton chemo scarf

Our hair forms a very special part of our identity, helps us feel attractive, and can express who we are and how we are feeling. Suddenly losing it, can be very upsetting, impacting not only our immed...

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Vita Magazine - Going undercover this summer

Monday, 8 August 2016 15:44:50 Europe/London

Breast Cancer Care's Vita magazine summer headwear feature

The latest edition of Vita Magazine is out!  We're thrilled to be featured in their summer issue - if you're short of ideas on how to keep cool and remain covered up this summer find us on page 7. Fea...

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Suburban Turban scarves for hair loss during chemo or alopecia

This giveaway has now closed and the winner is Karen S (email supplied) - HUGE congrats to her, and BIG thanks to all who took part! Look out for more gorgeous giveaways to come over the coming months...

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How to tie a turban using a long scarf

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 15:01:00 Europe/London

Here is our all new, step-by-step photo guide to tying a long scarf into a turban.

Esther, our model, is wearing one of our classic, very popular Long Tying Turban Scarves. These come in a huge range o...

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How to tie a square scarf turban easily!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 14:58:00 Europe/London

We've updated our hugely popular step-by-step guide to tying a square turban scarf, featuring our lovely model Esther!

We hope you find it useful! :) Don't miss, too, our step-by-step guide to tying a ...

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WIN our gorgeous new Gardenia scarf!

Friday, 11 April 2014 15:46:00 Europe/London

Chemo headscarves by Suburban

This giveaway has now closed and the winner is Birgitte Smithson! BIG congrats to Birgitte, and thanks to EVERYONE who took part!! :) More lovely giveaways to come!!

Now that spring is truly underway (...

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Long silk patterned black scarf worn as head turban

We know how much Suburban Turban customers and friends love to wear silk scarves and our founder, milliner Nicky Zip, is always on the lookout for fabulous new patterns and ways to style them for trul...

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Autumn-gorgeous: our new Modal Silk Scarf arrives!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 17:15:00 Europe/London

Suburban Turban Modal silk square chemo scarf uk


How gorgeous are the colours and pattern here in our NEW soft Modal silk weave square chemo scarf? Ideal for tuban tying during female hair loss - you have a generous 100 cms square to express yourse...

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Do I have to pay VAT?

If you are experiencing hair loss you may not have to pay the VAT on some of our products. Headwear we have designed and manufactured specifically for hair loss wear is exempted. ‘Standard’ items of headwear such as scarves, brooches, some winter/summer hats by other designers, skincare are not eligible. They have not been ‘adapted’ for special wear. The ‘status’ of items will be displayed in your basket, before ordering, once a short health declaration is completed.

During checkout you will be asked to confirm that you will be using our products for your own personal medical purposes.

It is a legal requirement stipulated by HRMC that Suburban Turban Ltd can justify our customers’ VAT exemption status. Please be aware that these details maybe verified at a later date.