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Find Your Best Winter Headwear Looks – Part 1

Tuesday, 3 January 2017 11:08:47 Europe/London

Capture classic romance & style with this cloche hat |

Winter has arrived and now really is the time for warm stylish headwear. For those of us with hair loss and perhaps facing chemo and other serious medical conditions, looking and feeling our best is even more important. Winter is the best time for hats and other headwear. Here’s help finding headwear for hair loss that will look great on you, keep you cosy and accent your personal style.


Size matters. One of the most common reasons for people to think they don’t look good in headwear is that they’ve tried wearing a hat, or turban, that was the wrong size for them. Hats and turbans must look proportional to your face. The right hat helps to balance out your features and face shape, while adding a touch of style.

Make sure the headwear fits your head properly. Headwear that is too big tends to slip out of place and overpower your face. Headwear that is too tight can cause headaches and general discomfort throughout your day. It can be difficult to find different sizes of headwear in conventional stores. Fortunately, we make it easy by offering all of our turbans and hats available in a range of sizes. Click here to visit our sizing page which will help you get your measurements for a perfect fit.

The next step is to make sure the volume and shape of the headwear compliments your face. While a closefitting, simple turban is an extremely common look for women with hair loss it doesn’t work for everyone. A hat or turban with height on the crown can disguise defined head shape and soften your profile. A hat with a brim can balance out your face. Asymmetrical styles like berets can help offset the very symmetrical features in a round or square face.

Hats are also very trendy for the winter. Think in terms of your headwear being a fun fashion accessory rather than a simple head covering. Pick styles that are fun, stylish, and appropriate for your range of activities. There are plenty of headwear options to take you from work and casual nights with friends, to formal occasions and romantic evenings.

Keep in mind that headwear for hair loss needs to be cut deeper to cover the back of your neck and your ears, to help protect you better from the cold. The thin skin covering ears makes this area particularly susceptible to the cold. To cover extensive hair loss the right hat style should comfortably be able to be pulled lower without spoiling the shape of the hat. 

Adding a scarf under a hat will add additional warmth and can help a hat fit more securely. It can also make your favourite hats wearable again, whilst you're experiencing hair loss, by filling in around the nape of the neck. Wearing a scarf under your hat can also make it easier if you want to take your hat off while you’re indoors. Get the look with our square scarf tying guide.

More Headwear Questions

Still searching for the right hat, scarf, or turban for you? Read Parts 2 & 3 of this series to help find your perfect headwear looks. Once you find the looks you love, it will be easy for you to experiment with colours and headwear styles for each season and every occasion. If you have any questions about how to find your perfect hats for hair loss, please contact us. We are happy to help!

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Do I have to pay VAT?

If you are experiencing hair loss you may not have to pay the VAT on some of our products. Headwear we have designed and manufactured specifically for hair loss wear is exempted. ‘Standard’ items of headwear such as scarves, brooches, some winter/summer hats by other designers, skincare are not eligible. They have not been ‘adapted’ for special wear. The ‘status’ of items will be displayed in your basket, before ordering, once a short health declaration is completed.

During checkout you will be asked to confirm that you will be using our products for your own personal medical purposes.

It is a legal requirement stipulated by HRMC that Suburban Turban Ltd can justify our customers’ VAT exemption status. Please be aware that these details maybe verified at a later date.