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Here at Suburban Turban we have been reticent to publish testimonials, believing email conversations we have with our clients to be just that, confidential conversations. However a few wonderful women (and Mike!) have kindly agreed to us publishing their thoughts. So in the true spirit of Yves St Laurent who said, ‘fashion is not only supposed to make women beautiful, but to reassure them, to give them confidence, to allow them to come to terms with themselves…’ ...please read on.

'And there was I thinking how much money I was going to save not having a cut and colour every six weeks. How wrong I was since discovering Suburban Turbans. When in town and feeling a little self-conscious not being a hat wearer I was complimented on how pretty my Fleur hat was and how much it suited me. Boosted my confidence no end!'

JC - Lincoln

'I am in my fifties and have had scalp problems for about 20 years, resulting in patchy hair loss. After many appointments with consultants and two biopsies, the latest diagnosis is lichen planopilaris. This causes soreness and itching – one reason why I have always been reluctant to wear a wig. My latest consultant has actually advised me against a wig option, saying that I still have too much hair left and the scalp lesions can be very uncomfortable. I used to hide the condition under hats and scarves, but nothing seemed flattering or practical, until one consultant suggested Suburban Turban and gave me a leaflet...I was absolutely delighted with my first purchase, ‘Claude,’ and soon added to my now quite extensive collection! All the hats and turbans are very comfortable, they don’t feel itchy at all, they fit beautifully and I get a lot of compliments! Claude is a definite favourite of mine, and I also love Marrakech Blues and Tamzin for Summer, Ava for evenings out and Selina for indoor events in Winter... Thank you so much for helping restore my confidence and self esteem. My scalp condition is a part of me, I accept it now and realise I can still dress attractively, mainly because of Suburban Turban.'

JW - Somerset

'I wanted to write and let you know that I absolutely adore all three turbans I ordered!! I receive so many compliments on them wherever I go. I love that I don't have to sacrifice style just because I have cancer. Also, they are the most comfortable turbans I own. Some of the others I have press against my ears and cause pain by the end of the day. Yours do not! Thank you so much for making such a beautiful product.'


'I just wanted to let you know I have now received my hats and they are fab! I still have a certain amount of hair despite my chemotherapy treatment, but with the advent of autumn weather need hats to keep warm as much as anything. I find both hats to be stylish, comfortable and flattering: I don't in the least feel like a patient wearing these!'

EJ - Greater London

‘I have to say that I love the first hats I received and wear them all the time; much more than my wig. I'm just 30 and being diagnosed with cancer at that age is not the best experience ever. My 4 year old son always tell me I'm pretty with your hats. My 6 month old baby would just grab it all the time!... and all my friends have complimented me on them. They feel very comfortable. People who do not know me, don't even think I have hair loss! Keep going.'

CVLC - Scotland

'Have just returned from our Spanish holiday and just wanted to let you know what a star performer your Genevieve cap was. I am not a cancer sufferer but the friends we were going to stay with in Spain have an open top car and I needed a hat to prevent me looking a fright every time we went out in the car. To make the solution more pressing, we were driving to Seville for a few days - a 2+ hour drive each way. And I would be sitting in the back of the car - always much more blowy. The Genevieve was perfect. Plenty of room in the crown so didn't completely flatten my hair. Covered the whole head, just leaving a little fringe showing. Perfect. And stayed on without even a hint of a wobble despite lots of motorway travel. Now back in England I will be wearing it for walks on damp days (my hair goes frizzy at the first sign of damp). And I much appreciated the good sizing. I have a stupidly big head (!) and as almost all shops only do hats in one size, nothing fits. Your hat - my hat - is perfect! Many, many thanks.'

RB - Surrey

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‘There are no words to express how grateful I am to you for the stunning hats , the incredible delivery service, the amazing packaging and hand written note. My sister was over the moon with the hats...She cried non-stop (happy, happy tears!!!) for an hour on Skype, showing me the wonderful hats!!! Everyone at the wedding thought they were gorgeous and you were thanked in the speeches for turning around a distraught young bride and making her day...year...wedding!!! Thank you very much for helping me to help my sister from afar! I cannot tell you how grateful I am…She wore the 'cafe au lait' to the wedding and the 'mulberry' one to the dinner! Thank you, thank you!’

Bride's sister - Costa Rica

‘I have just received my 'Bella' hat and 'Kiss it Better' cream from you - unexpectedly quickly! Having been slightly worried about ordering a hat without trying it, I just had to mail you to say I am REALLY pleased with my purchase. At a time (i.e. during chemo) when it becomes so much more important to feel you are looking as good as possible, it is so lovely to put on a hat and feel instantly happy. So thank you so much for your wonderful and very efficient service!’

SD – W. Sussex

‘Just thought I'd let you know how popular the Bea hats are. Even my cousin [who is fit and well and has hair] is interested in one. Now that chemo has finished I am currently undergoing radiotherapy treatment and have handed out your little cards [the ones that come with the hats] to various people who have complimented me on my headwear. Otherwise I write down the website address for them. It really does help so much to feel good about how I look when I leave the house. Thanks very much for making such a difference’.

D – Bedfordshire

‘I would just like to let you know that I received my order today and that I am very pleased with the two hats (Carrie and Jeannie) that I ordered. I heard about your site from a girl I was sitting next to in a chemotherapy session a couple of months ago but didn't order anything at the time, as I had only just ordered some pre-shaped bandanas from another site. However I wasn't particularly pleased with them as I felt they made me look like something from the French Foreign Legion! I really wish I hadn't persevered for so long with them, as my hats look so much better. I actually feel quite feminine again! I was a bit unsure about the detail on the Carrie hat but now I have tried it on I love it…’

A – Worcestershire

‘Many thanks for the lovely 'Suzie' in pale blue, which arrived on Saturday and promptly went off to a party! I am absolutely thrilled with her and got so many compliments - such a boost at the moment when my own hair underneath resembles a clapped out loo brush! The hat is such a hit that I wonder if I could persuade you to make me another one - this time in the Kimmy pale cream fabric?....Hello again - just to say my cream 'Suzie' arrived and just like its blue counterpart it's delightful and makes me feel fabulous. So glad I found you and your lovely company.'

DW - E. Sussex

‘..how absolutely thrilled I am with your hats. I have 2 and am very excited about getting more soon. At the moment I am undergoing chemotherapy and have lost most of my hair. As soon as the hair was gone and I accepted that I needed to do something about it, I moved forward to find some funky head wear. I was put onto your site by a nurse practitioner at Southampton hospital and immediately found things I loved. Your headwear has made it immeasurably easier and actually a bit fun having no hair. I have had so many compliments about the hats and wear them with pride. My daughter who is 9 also likes to wear them. Thank you for your skill and the wonderful creativity with which you create these great looks. Your hats are more than just headwear - for me they have been real food for my soul and helped to strengthen my dignity and sense of well being.’

SL – Hampshire

Kiss It Better Soothing Cream - Calendula and Roman Chamomile - 'It's lovely - I use it every day. Very light, not greasy, and lovely smell... I can't tolerate many smells at the moment but this one's good!'

C - Wiltshire

'I'm not sure how well travelled your hats tend to be, but my Diva has just returned from a night at the opera watching 'Il Trovatore’ at the Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman! She was very comfortable to wear, and attracted lots of compliments. Many thanks for your excellent service, website and of course headwear. '

J - Staffs

'I have been fighting for a year and a half and it’s not easy but your headwear makes me feel beautiful! Thank you for making my days wonderful. '

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