Headwear solutions for long term female hair loss

Despite being extremely common, female long term hair loss presents a real challenge in finding stylish, suitable headwear which helps women experiencing hair loss feel both comfortable and self-confident.

At Suburban Turban, we are both passionate about and renowned for meeting this need - in style!

How to manage long term hair loss

Understandably, when talking about hats for female hair loss - particularly long term hair loss - many women might think that’s rather like putting a sticking plaster on a broken leg.

Quite rightly, many women seek to understand the cause of their hair loss and there are many recognised channels of enquiry through GP and dermatologist.

However, headwear (and there are many different types) can help with the day to day management of hair loss and the ‘ebb and flow’ of patchy hair loss.

There are many different medical conditions that can have hair loss as a symptom – this could range from a 50p pence piece shaped bald spot to complete hair loss on the head.

In all cases, headwear can help – from keeping your head protected from the sun (the scalp is particularly sensitive to the sun once bare of hair), to keeping what hair you have in place on a windy day. It can also keep your head dry if you are using colouring powders to mask bald spots.

How to choose hats for long term hair loss

However, you do have to know what you are looking for.

For example, many hats are only designed to sit half way down the head. Think baseball cap or baker boy cap and you’ll get the picture: these would leave a 5-6 cm band exposed at the back of your head.

If there is enough fabric in the hat so that you can pull it down, it then ruins the shape and style of the hat. Think Frank Spencer who used to wear his beret as a beanie to great comic effect!

So this brings up a couple of interesting points: how to select a style with enough depth and how to wear a hat to best effect i.e so that it looks ‘normal’, and not as if it is trying to conceal something.