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Chemo Hats and Headwear For Women’s Hair Loss

Feel confident and ready for any occasion! Our chemo hats for female hair loss look stylish and elegant. Our hats are breathable and ultra-comfy for sensitive scalps while providing discrete, fuller coverage that disguise any defined head shape. Suburban Turban’s chemo hats are cut deeper than your average hat, designed with fabric folds and detailing for a flattering silhouette. We don’t scrimp on fabric so that you really don’t have to compromise on style, when buying your hats for hair loss. We like to work to a head fitting so that we can create a flattering fit – chemo headwear stretched too tightly around the head is not only uncomfortable, it won’t help you to look your best. At Suburban Turban we’re not only interested in the ‘practical’ but how we’d like women to feel when wearing our headwear. Stepping out in style, feeling confident and relaxed knowing they have their hair loss under control. Shop online now or call us for expert help to find the right hats for YOU.

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