With Suburban Turban's range of contemporary headwear, designed specifically for women who are experiencing hair loss, you can feel as gorgeous as you always did!

Woman Modeling Stylish Chemo Hat

Chemo Hats

Be confident and ready for any occasion! Our hats are breathable and ultra-comfy for sesitive scalps while profiding discrete, fuller coverage. Suburban Turban's chemo hats are designed with fabric folds and detailing for stylish, flattering silhouettes.

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Woman Wearing Fashionably Tied Headscarf


Headscarves are ideal for injecting a stylistic twist to any outfit, and our high-end collection does just that. Our scarves are the right lingth and weight for comfortable, confident coverage and you'll love our graphic designs and soft fabrics.

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Women in Glamorous Evening Wear Turban

Evening Wear

Our beautiful cocktail fashion turbans and scarves are all baout accentuating the positive and making a fashion statement. We hope our 'chemotherapy' evening headwear inspires you with possibilities, complements your unique style, and gives you confident when you need it most

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Woman Wearing Chic Turban for Hair Loss


Our women's turbans bring the romance of 1930s Hollywood to modern, versatile looks. Perfect for work or play, our turbans are easy to wear for all day comfort and style

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Woman Wearing a Comfy, Stylish Sleep Hat

Sleep Hats

Be confident and ready for any occasion! Our sleep hats for female and chemo hair loss are breathable and ultra-comfy for sensitive scalps while providing discrete, fully coverage.

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