Fashionable Women's Headwear For Hair Loss

With Suburban Turban's range of contemporary headwear, designed specifically for women who are experiencing hair loss, you can

feel as gorgeous as you always did!

New to Hair Loss

If you are new to hair loss, it can be very confusing knowing which route to go down first. We can help give you back your confidence as to what colours and hat shapes suit you and make you feel ‘you’ again. If you are experiencing hair loss for the first time, our stunning range of handmade designs can help you feel confident, whatever the occasion.

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Made to Order

Our headwear, which include turbans, hats, scarves and headbands are all designed to be comfortable and stylish.

Bespoke Bridal

Our bridal collection is designed to help brides feel their best. We work with each individual bride and create a headpiece that will not only cover the head, but add a designer touch to the big day.